Kid’s Castle

Adresa Tichá 45/A, 81102 Bratislava Email Telefón +421 910 331 133 Web

Detské centrum pre deti od 3 do 6 rokov.

,,Early childhood should be a journey, not a race.”

Young children are naturally eager to learn. That is the premise which we, in Kids’ Castle, have always on our mind. Our task is to encounter their curiosity at every turn. Then we will extend their wonder into the understanding of human traditions and activity. They will learn about the physical world as well. All this magic will happen through the play and games. They will playfully experiment with living and nonliving things and discover how they change. We want to see children thrive and therefore, we offered a curriculum that integrates all domains in a way that is culturally and linguistically meaningful and appropriate to their development. This is our task, us as the educators and you as the parents and guardians.

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